UMD Autonomous Micro Air Vehicle (AMAV) Team

Student team competing in the Annual Micro Air Vehicle Student Challenge hosted by the Vertical Flight Society (VFS)

About Us

We design, build, and fly a quadrotor to compete in the VFS Student Challenge. The drone must navigate around an indoor obstacle course and autonomously complete tasks, such as retrieving and delivering a package.

The UMD team won the 2019 competition (autonomous category) held in Philadelphia, PA.



All UMD undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to join.

We work on campus in the Cypress Building. The project has many areas for students to contribute, including: hardware design and fabrication, control, estimation, vision, autonomy, and flight testing.

If you are interested in joining, please send an email with your resume and transcript to Prof. Derek Paley.


We thank the following sponsors for their generous support.

University Sponsors:
A. James Clark School of Engineering
Maryland Robotics Center
Department of Aerospace Engineering

2018-2019 Corporate Sponsors:
Heron Systems, Inc.